Cryptocurrency Portfolio Spreadsheet With Live Price Tracking

Coinoid Cryptocurrency Portfolio

The spreadsheet helps you keep track of your hodlings, see the current prices, your profit, and visualize your portfolio:

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Visualization

Cryptocurrency Portfolio Visualization

Once you upload the spreadsheet to your Google Sheets, and install the Cryptofinance Addon, make sure you go to Addons -> Manage Addons:

Manage Add-ons...

And then apply the Cryptofinance Addon to your document like so:

Use in this document

And that’s it. Plug in your own numbers and it should be good to go.

Download our Free Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio Spreadsheet for Google Sheets, with Live Price Tracking and Live Social Media Mentions Tracking:

View Spreadsheet

Download Spreadsheet

The spreadsheet works with Google Sheets and needs the Cryptofinance add-on installed in order to work. For more documentation refer to the official page here. We initially started with this spreadsheet for Excel and built upon it as it only works for Excel on Windows. So if you’d like to use Excel on Windows instead of Google Sheets, use that one. From my experience, it doesn’t work for Mac, even with the 2017 edition of Office Mac, unfortunately. 

Good luck, and if you have any issues, just comment below.

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February 12, 2018

There was an issue with the download button. Sorry, we fixed it. Comment if you run into any issues.


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