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An Introduction to the First Mineable Token: Interview with Infernal_Toast

The Problem of ICO’s: new token projects are centralized because one entity  handles all of the initial coins and all of the the raised ICO money.

The Solution: the first decentralized mineable token on Ethereum.

After an rapid rise in the network hashrate [1], price fluctuations and a big  hype of ‘0xBitcoin on the Ethereum’ discussed on reddit and 4chan, many miners are jumping on the ‘first mineable token’. Besides a parabolic rise in the hashrate, we can also notice serious discussions about the implementation of the mineable token on Ethereum, We from Coinoid decided to have a talk with the Smart Contract deployer, Infernal_Toast and figure out why there is a mineable token created.

Why I Believe ICX is a solid shot for the long term.

Why ICON (ICX) is a solid shot for the long term

While China and Japan are rapidly building interesting blockchain projects specifically focused on a platform for Dapps and ICO’s , South Korea is lacking behind. While China got their ‘Chinese Ethereum’ called  NEO [Source], Japan has it’s Cardano (ADA) [Source] but what exactly does South Korea bring to the table of blockchain platforms?

‘Hyperconnect the world’ ?

A very interesting and ambitious slogan, if you would ask me. But what does that mean for the average crytpo enthusiasts out here? and what is ICON exactly trying to solve? is this another ‘token’ to bring in funds in so it can publish a whitepaper, or is it trying to solve actually a problem? The answer to this question, could be only answered if we dig in the Deloitte report which was recently published in the end of 2017.